In The Green Conquest, fighting is done using vehicles. Made from salvaged materials, these vehicles became real war machines when fighters had the idea of ​​grafting mutant animal organs perfectly adapted to the particular conditions of the marshes. These are the bodies that give their special abilities to The Green Conquest's vehicles!

The Nightmare

Can paralyze an opponent. This will render this vehicle inactive and immobile. This special ability applies as long as the vehicle is within the line of sight of The Nightmare (6 spaces without obstacles).


The Octopus

May attract a vehicle (ally or enemy) lying in front of him within 6 squares. This special ability allows The Octopus to position the vehicle drawn on the space of its choice between him and the initial position of the target vehicle.

The Scout

Can run away instantly after having attacked an enemy. It will then have 4 MP.


The Trapper

Can put one or two traps on the battlefield. Like the size of a box, these traps can only be placed on a square that it has just taken.

The Hypnotist

Can impose on a vehicle (ally or enemy) to follow its movement. For that, it must pass in the line of sight of the targeted vehicle (6 squares maximum in front of him). The vehicle will then be moved remotely by performing the same movements as The Hypnotist while maintaining its original orientation.
Warning: unlike The Octopus, The nightmare and The Shield, Do not place the vehicle in the line of sight of The Hypnotist to achieve the special ability but pass The Hypnotist in the line of sight of the target vehicle!


The Ram

Has 2 special abilites:
- Can attack from the front without suffering any damage
- Its attacks push back enemy vehicles rather than sending them back to their camp. The vehicle which has sustained the attack will then be pushed back double the squares from The Ram’s attack. These are the push squares.

The Glider

It has two special abilities:

- In its displacement, it can decide to jump over one or more squares. Thus, it will be able to cross over allied or enemy vehicles, and set traps without triggering them and on the barred squares.

- Can master its jumps after using the springboard. Thus, it has the ability to choose the square on which it will land after taking off, regardless of its momentum (1 to 4 spaces after the springboard, see chapter VII part 1 concerning the springboard).


The Shield

Can protect an allied vehicle in line of sight (6 squares in front of him).

The Tunneler

Can exchange its position with any friendly vehicle.


The Snake

Owns 3 special abilites:

- No direction restrictions when moving

- When The Snake reaches the edge of the game board, it automatically comes out on the opposite side.

- Poisons the attacked vehicles for the next round. This way, following the attack, during the next round, all the damage suffered by The Snake will also be suffered by the poisoned vehicles.

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