Discover the Dreamare marshes

Over the last decades, trimetium has enabled humanity to enter a new industrial area. A keen interest has followed…
This resource issued from a chemical reaction between tritium and methane, possesses proprieties as extraordinary as dangerous. Indeed, the gas released by the trimetium is unbreathable and the adventurers willing to harvest the precious resource have to use gas masks equipped with a filtration device so heavy that is has to be transported by a vehicle.

As they are dangerous, the mining zones, situated in the heart of a marsh, have attracted all sorts of mercenaries with a thirst for wealth, from casual adventurers to the most dangerous criminals.
As could be expected, the situation has quickly gone awry. The mining areas have become lawless zones. Clans have emerged and are fighting for the control of the most profitable areas.
As the air is unstable and the risk of explosions heightened, no fire arms can be used, and the fighting is done by vehicles akin to war machines. To make them more efficient in combat, the mercenaries thought of transplanting the organs of mutant animals living in the marsh on the machines to make them perfectly adapted to the zone. Therefore, the poachers, mechanics, fightersand clan leaders have organized large-scale trafficking with one goal only: to create vehicles allowing them to dominate their enemies to gain control of the mining areas.
Within The Green Conquest, we invite you to create your clan by selecting vehicles that will allow you to become the masters of trimetium. But beware, participating in the fighting and guiding the clan to victory is particularly dangerous… No mistakes will be allowed and your tactical genius will be severely tested…If you believe you possess the self-control necessary to defeat your adversaries, then welcome to the marsh!

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