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10 key points

1: Build your clan by selecting 5 vehicles from the available set.
2: Each vehicle has its own characteristics:
- movement points that define the number of squares it can move through per turn
- health points
- attack factor.
- special ability
3: Attack enemy vehicles by finishing your moves on their squares.
4: The damage you inflict is calculated according to your momentum and the attack factor.
5: The momentum corresponds to the number of squares covered before attacking an opponent.
6: Use 2 to 3 vehicles per turn to combine their special abilities to perform powerful attacks.
7: Control the field by appropriating the central area to benefit from the bonus allowing you to play a third vehicle.
8: Use the springboard in the center of the board to accelerate your movement or to destroy your opponents.
9: Turn down the situation around at any time by attacking an enemy camp to regenerate one of your vehicles lost in combat.
10: To win the game, be the last player to own at least 2 vehicles on the board.

Game components


x9 Game tiles (30 x 30 cm)

x 20 vehicle miniatures

x 20 vehicle cards

x1 Rulebook


x 4 flyers

And some game elements (heart, trap, elastic …) 

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