About us

We are 2 brothers, French, living near Aix-en-Provence. The youngest of us is called Loïc and is a student. The eldest, Benoît, is a young father who is a pharmacy assistant. Passionate about board games since our childhood, we have undertaken to share with you a game that was born years ago when we were teenagers. Driven by our relatives with whom we shared passionate games, we decided three years ago to perfect our game in order to be able to self-edit it.
Dreamer and fan of imaginary worlds such as Harry Potter, Bioshock, Jules Vernes, Fable, Madmax etc... we wanted to create our own universe and we attach the greatest importance to it.
That's why we embarked on the Kickstarter adventure. Going through a classic publishing house would have meant having to make concessions on the game world and self-publishing seemed obvious to us.
With 3 years of work, we have been able to establish the necessary contacts to be sure to have a concrete and 100% successful project. As perfectionists, it was inconceivable for us to propose something that would not totally correspond to us. That's how, with hard work, passion and help, we believe we have achieved what we wanted: to propose a project of a quality that really suits us.

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